February 20, 2011

Psychic Prediction for Chicago's 2011 Mayoral Election

It's election time again and you know what that means. Time to cast my predictions on the outcomes. For those of you that missed it, the November elections three months ago proved my psychic visions 100 percent accurate. Yes, aside from my one wishy-washy pick, I accurately predicted them all. Fortunately, for me anyway, I entered a radio station contest and switched my wishful-thinking pick to reality on my official entry, and took home the prize money for accurately predicting every single race right, including the 'voter turnout'.

Now, we're two days away from Chicago's historic race to replace Mayor Daley. While the local media predicted Rahm Emanuel would win without a run-off months before he even moved here or declared his candidacy, reality might just prove them wrong - and their polls showing him bringing in 52 or 55 percent of the vote. That's one of their tricks you know - say something often enough and people not only believe it, they start living it.

Well, I the political prognosticator Joe Six Pack, would like to weigh in if I may. If you'd like to weigh in, get your own Blog, hahaha. Just kidding. Please, feel free to post your predictions below in the comments section. All are welcome. No prize money though.

Without further delay, here are my picks for Chicago's municipal election coming up on February 22, 2011.

Mayor - percent
Emanuel - 42 (more baggage than Samsonite)
Chico - 27 (will immediately poll even with Rahm after the election)
Braun - 13 (Crack-heads and Nazi's?)
del Valle - 10 (nice guys finish last, the good die young, life's a b*tch and then you marry one, it's all true)
Watkins - 5 (very impressive, we'll see her again)
Walls - 3 (the independent suffering from the standard independent-curse)

City Clerk - percent
Mendoza - 61
Horton - 39

Since that's all there is on the city-wide level, here are a few predictions from The Six Pack Posse's Northwest Side base and the Ward Aldermanic races I'm familiar with.

32nd Ward - percent
Waguespack - 52 (one of the good guys, help him if you can)
Pavlik - 30
Gorman - 10
Lynch - 8

38th Ward - percent
Cullerton - 29
Caravette - 22 (one of the good guys, help him if you can)
Morabito - 14
Quartullo - 10
Goldberg - 9
Hernandez - 8
Bambouyani - 5
Videkis - 3

41st Ward - percent
Gavin - 25 (everyone's grandma's say she's a life-saver)
O'Connor - 19
Murphey - 16 (unapologetic reformer)
Gonzalez - 14
Merck - 12 (past Green candidate)
Ateca - 4
Lapinski - 4
Mullen - 3
Quinn - 3
Banna - 0
Schname - 0

45th Ward - percent
Garrido - 25 (Republican cop, and we still like him for some reason)
Arena - 24 (reformer, endorsed by both papers? Interesting)
Faz Huppert - 20 (non-resident, union-hack, endorsed by unpopular Alderman - done)
Ward - 17
Blair - 6
Klocek - 6
Bellissimo - 2

Well, that's it. I can't wait to see the results. Most of these are political rookies, so this will be a good test of just how psychic I am. Nobody has a clue how anyone's going to do in these races. I could be way off, but we'll know in two days. I'm sure there are going to be run-offs. So, we'll see you right back here in April. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Joe Six Pack
and the Six Pack Posse

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