May 15, 2010

The Great Immigration Debate

With all the anger and excitement in America these days over Arizona's attempt to address its crime and violence problem, I felt it was time to chime in. Depending on where you live I suppose, the media coverage has been overwhelmingly one-sided against Arizona and on behalf of the civil rights of Latino Americans. Now, I'm a big supporter of civil rights for ALL Americans. But somewhere hidden in the barrage of anti-Arizona talking points, the media always manages to slip in one quiet little fact - depending on which poll you sight, some 68 - 88 percent of Americans support the Arizona law - and so do I.

Giving a description of the guy who murdered your child and telling the police that the killer was "tall, thin, White" IS racial profiling, it's also height and weight profiling, and there's NOTHING wrong with it. It's called giving a description of the assailant. Profiling is how the police find wanted criminals. Without a profile, or a description, they have no idea who they're looking for. So all this talk about how profiling is 'evil' is nothing more than emotional people voicing their fears and concerns, but is based on ignorance.

The other 'anti-Arizona' argument is that now, the police will be asking "let me see your papers" any time they're arresting or interrogating someone. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they already do this to all Americans, all the time. It's nothing new, except to people who by law, have been protected and shielded from ever having to prove their identity. To them, it's a big change. Just like it was for the rest of us when the Supreme Court ruled that the government DOES have the right to randomly stop all US citizens, and presumably all illegals too, and check their identities, and most commonly, whether or not their driving under the influence of alcohol or have their seat belts on or have car insurance or a valid drivers license. At the time, we argued that allowing random government roadblocks was a violation of our civil rights and a throw-back to the days of Soviet Communism. But we lost that argument twenty years ago. Where was the anti-Arizona crowd then? I'll tell you where, nowhere. Because they really don't care about Constitutional rights. They're simply using it to drum up sympathy and support from as many well-intentioned Americans as they can.

Now, assuming we're all in agreement that there IS an immigration problem in America, and the Latino community STILL argues that there IS NO PROBLEM, I'd like to very briefly, I hope, address the cause of our problem, where the track we're on is headed, and my alternate suggestion.

First, the problem isn't with America's immigration laws - we have one of the most open and welcoming immigration policies in the world and it includes common-sense limits and safe-guards. No, our problem stems from "illegal immigration". And this is where, in my opinion, all the experts veer off in the wrong direction. As far as I can see, we don't have a serious problem with "illegals" from Canada, Poland, Haiti, Russia, China or any of the other nations of the world. No, our problem is due to what I can only describe as a "Mexican invasion". For that's exactly what it is.

What else would you call it when 30,000 Mexican Army commandos change into civilian clothes and sneak across the border of their sovereign neighbor, in a simultaneous, clandestine, prearranged operation? I would call that an "invasion". And what would you call it when immediately following the successful infiltration by the 30,000 commandos in strategic, sympathetic locations around the US - they are followed across the border by 50 million of their fellow Mexican nationalists? I'd call that a "successful invasion".

Now, I know the 30,000 commandos are really employed by the Mexican drug cartels and are here to set-up and protect tens of thousands of drug distribution sites across America, but that doesn't mean they don't support their fellow Mexicans in their attempt to reconquer the US and reclaim the lands of the American southwest, lands that once belonged to them before they were 'stolen' by America.

One only needs to look back at history, and those who don't are doomed to repeat it, to see that exactly what happened when America annexed northern Mexico, creating California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, is exactly what's going on now, only in reverse. Back then, America flooded northern Mexico with American citizens until the population became 80 percent American. At that point, the citizens simply seceded from Mexico and joined the USA. Now, with the Mexican populations of states like Arizona and New Mexico passing 50 percent, 90 percent in many areas, it's only a matter of time, maybe ten or twenty years, before they secede from the US and rejoin Mexico. Don't believe me? Compare maps of America and Mexico now and maps of America and Mexico just before the Alamo, and tell me why I'm wrong? It's so similar, it's like the Twilight Zone. If it weren't for the Mormons in Utah, it would be an exact mirror image of two different times in history, only reversed.

Assuming for a moment that I'm correct and the Mexican populations in these states will in fact vote to secede from the US and rejoin Mexico, what would happen then? Again, look at history for your answer. The only time any state has ever seceded from the US, the remaining states sent in the army and we fought the bloodiest civil war in Earth's history. Since Abe Lincoln's policy of 'once you're an American state, you're an American state for life and the only way out is to die', ironically similar to the membership policies of street gangs, is still in effect, I don't see why the US WOULDN'T send in the army and forcibly bring those states in America's southwest back into the union. Again however, look at history. When Serbia found itself in the exact same situation, with ethnic Albanians making up 80 percent of much of Serbia's country and the Albanians broke away, what did the the Serbs do? They sent in the military to take back their sovereign territory. With the world against them, they lost. The world has for some reason, changed it's policy since the 19th century. No longer does a NATION'S claim to a certain piece of territory outweigh the claim of the people who currently inhabit it. With that said, we the US, would lose our civil war to reclaim the American southwest and the maps of America and Mexico will once again look the way they did prior to America's 'Manifest Destiny'.

So, what's my solution? Do you really want to hear it? It's drastic, but I don't see any other option. My suggestion, and just for discussion purposes - we acknowledge the fact that Mexico has declared war on us and launched a full-blown invasion and we declare war in response. Only then can we take the necessary steps to stop the horrible events that have already been set in motion.

Call me crazy if you want, and I can already hear you. But all I've done is take our current situation and apply the reactions of the current participants taken from actual, similar events in recent history. I didn't make any of this stuff up. If anything, I can't believe no one else sees it.

Joe Six Pack and the Six Pack Posse

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